WinSTIPS Service Tips.

WinSTIPS is the gold-standard service tips database for consumer electronics service.

If you want to profitably service consumer electronics products then you must have WinSTIPS.

WinSTIPS includes thousands of records for LCD and Plasma televisions, including many tips for component-level repairs.

Think about two very different repair scenarios ...

Without WinSTIPS

After taking the back off and looking around, you reach for a scope probe or dig out a service manual, realizing that any opportunity for profit is quickly slipping away.


You know the solution before you get the back off because others have seen this problem dozens of times before. Each repair is faster and more profitable than the last.

Yes, that's the difference having WinSTIPS in your service center can make! WinSTIPS makes you money.

WinSTIPS Value

Costs as little as $149.95 and delivers huge value to your bottom line.

With more than 220,600 records and growing every week.

You can add your own tips to your WinSTIPS database and you can easily submit them for Subscription Credit.

With your purchase you'll receive a free 30-day WinSTIPS Subscription. A WinSTIPS Subscription keeps your database up-to-date and delivering maximum value to your business.

WinSTIPS contains the finest and most current symptoms and cures from more than 600 service centers.

WinSTIPS Facts

More than 220,600 (new records almost weekly!)

One-button update of tips by Web.

Subscription Credit issued for tip contributions after you subscribe.


  • SAMS Photofact Index for WinSTIPS
  • Philips ECG Cross Reference for WinSTIPS
  • SimTo Module for WinSTIPS - model cross reference


  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Operating system: Must be US English
  • Disk space: At least 500 MB using Drive C:

WinSTIPS Tip Update Alert

We've made changes to; the Tip Update and Core Update features in your WinSTIPS 2.1 program are no longer working.

WinSTIPS Tip Update 3.0 is a new program that replaces only the Tip Update and Core Update features in WinSTIPS 2.1.

You'll still use WinSTIPS 2.1 to view and enter tips. But you'll use the new program -- WinSTIPS Tip Update 3.0 -- only to perform a Tip Update or Core Update.

If WinSTIPS 2.1 is already installed on your computer and working, then here's what you should do:

  1. Review the step-by-step instructions to download, install, and use WinSTIPS Tip Update 3.0
  2. Use the Download Page to download and install WinSTIPS Tip Update 3.0.

Take a WinSTIPS Tour.

Power Search Is Both Powerful And Easy To Use

WinSTIPS Power Search enables complex queries against the WinSTIPS database.

To search, just fill in the key word(s) that you want to search for and click the SEARCH button. Or just fill in a chassis or model number. WinSTIPS does the rest!

If you're looking for WinSTIPS records that might have a particular part number or part location ID number, these types of searches are enabled by Power Search too.

The search results are displayed the Tips Summary form.

Tips Summary Reveals All

Using the down arrow or up arrow keys, all tips can be quickly previewed and sorted.

Receiving Tip Updates Is Easy!

You don't have to be a computer whiz to update your WinSTIPS database or your WinSTIPS Program files. WinSTIPS does all the work for you.

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